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Mediation – Coaching – Conflict management


At every company conflicts can arise. To the disadvantage of all involved, conflicts arise without attracting attention most of the time. Decreasing productivity, damage of image, rise of sick days, loss of quality, loss of customers, these are all examples, which can occur through conflicts.
Furthermore it must not be forgotten that the healthiness of all (the company, the owner and the employees) can be at risk.
Conflict management through mediation can help.

Mediation is a useful way of conflict resolution with the goal to find a beneficial settlement for all parties involved.
Unlike usual conflict settlements, e.g.: verdicts, where usually the outcome is a gainer and a loser (win/lose solution); at a mediation the conflict parties among themselves work out a solution which is acceptable for all parties involved (win/win – solution).

The duty of a mediator is to moderate, to mediate and to help the conflict parties to work out possible solutions.
In the course of business transfers arising generation gaps can also be solved through mediation.

Coaching helps to balance the common lack of feedback.
On the one hand we need people which we accept for feedback, on the other hand criticism is often taken too personally. To get worse, commendations are often not taken seriously.


Why should you be coached by us?

Revision of the career planning and preparation for new duties and responsibilities (business start-up coaching).
Handling of conflicts: assistance with relationship conflicts
Senselessness or missing self-confidence
Reduction of the performance on the job, lack of motivation and creativity, e.g.: “inner dismissal”

The precondition of a successful coaching is the clear formulation of the objective at the beginning.
This is not as easy as it seems. Pseudo – objectives are found fairly easy but to find the real objectives can take some time. Therefore it is very important to allow sufficient time at this stage.

In our opinion a clear formulated objective can also include partial methods of resolution.

The clear formulated objective also has to consider the objectives of the environment (private or organisational environment).

Through the clear formulated and agreed on objective, we can find out about the values and aims that stand behind the objective. Defined values help to build ordered hierarchies.

The objectives will be documented and will be written in the working plan. Thereby we and you get an overview of the coaching process and defined objectives in written form make it much easier to evaluate the coaching.


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