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Business start-up consulting - Business plan


In the context of a business start-up, a business transfer or an acquisition the founder is faced with a lot of questions; with all of those the founder must deal with during the formation of a company.
On the one hand a business start –up gives you the opportunity to put your personal ideas into practice on the other hand a failure can be very expensive, especially when lager investments are planed.

We have the necessary experience with business start-up consulting regarding business- management issues as well as fiscal issues. During the consultation we have made very positive experiences with a tool called business plan. As a matter of course the extent of the business plan depends upon the size of the start–up company.

However the business plan is always used as a checklist and takes into account all relevant aspects, which must be thought about during the start-up.
For us some of the most important aspects are:

  1. Product- and service range (customer needs, product development)
  2. Executives – employees (team , experience, vision, employee involvement)
  3. Market and competition ( industries – and market development)
  4. Marketing and distribution (market – and ales planning, pricing)
  5. Business system and organisation ( organisational structure, location)
  6. Implementation ( milestones, bottle necks)
  7. Chances and risks ( risks from the market, the competition, the technology)
  8. Budgeting, funding and financing ( development and planning)

More and more banks demand a serious concept – a business plan from the founder (depending on the capital requirements). The business plan includes a lot of soft facts, and is therefore also important when the interest rate, depending on the rating, is calculated.

Thus our services range from the development of a business concept to an analysis of weak spots and from the calculation of efficiency to calculations of the contribution margin.

We can also offer our expert knowledge at coaching, whereby we will support you on all levels.

Especially during the start–up period you need an overview of all start-up relevant tasks and questions, which must be considered on the journey on being self-employed.


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